How to Get Massive Topspin FAST!
(Free TopspinPro Intro Course)

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Phil Hofmeyr TopspinPro Creator

I thought I knew my product well until I met Clay. Clay has literally considered every way the TopspinPro can be used to transform your game. His free video series is a "must have" if you want to get the most out of your new TopspinPro.

Why you need this 7-part, FREE bonus course:

  • Increase Your Topspin Faster
    Get step-by-step drills to ingrain mechanics like Federer. You've never seen instruction like this!
  • Learn the "Lag and Snap" 
    Not only are you going to increase topspin, but you'll also start ripping shots past your opponents!
  • Improve Your Footwork
    Just because the TopspinPro stands still doesn't mean you should! The series is loaded with footwork drills.
  • Attack Short Balls
    Find out the keys to getting into position and smashing these back at your opponent.
  • Finally Get Backhand Topspin  
    Whether you prefer a one- or two-hand backhand, I've got you covered. Make this tough shot simpler with topspin.
  • Handle the Toughest Shot
    Find out how to add power and control to shots that push you backwards.

"The BEST video advice for my forehand! Can’t thank you enough Clay. It took me 48 years to finally have a decent forehand. Please keep up the great work!" ~Joc, Member