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8 Video Series Set Up as Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Follow Online Courses

Courses Currently Cover These Topics

  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Serve
  • Volley

Each Stroke Is Broken into 2 Courses

The latest motor learning research indicates that you've got to train in two different ways to improve as fast as possible. 

That's why I've broken each stroke into two separate courses. You've got to progress through both courses for each stroke to get the most out of your game.​


I'll break down each piece of the stroke into bite-sized pieces and give you drills to put it all back together into pro-level mechanics.


You'll take your technique to the court and practice your feel, rhythm, timing, and other aspects.


99% of the videos in the courses below are exclusive to You won't find them anywhere else.

The Athleticism concepts haven't even been mentioned outside of this website, including our YouTube channel! It is 100% new and original for you.​


You're going to love ripping the felt off the ball after going through this course.

You'll not only learn the fundamentals, but also how to ingrain the powerful "lag and snap" technique all the pros have mastered.

Time to find out how fast you can hit a forehand!

You're soon going to be hitting more winners than ever before. This course takes the training in Forehand | Technique to the court.

Progress through the drills in this course, and your opponents may avoid your forehand like the plague.

Newly found forehand... converted... into a weapon

"I must thank you for my newly found forehand...the L preparation and the door knob turns have converted my primary weakness into a weapon in a mere 3 weeks!"

Robert Verga
YouTube Commenter


Don't let your backhand hold you back. Turn it into a weapon!

You're going to see backhand mechanics broken down into a series of steps, unlike you've seen anywhere else.

Not only will you learn the exact mechanics the pros use, I'll give you drills to ingrain them in your own game.

And whether you prefer the Federer or Wawrinka one-hander...

Or the Nadal or Djokovic 2-hand method...

You're covered with a full course for each.

I've struggled through learning both of them...

And you'll get my secrets for going from hating your backhand... to absolutely ripping it!

The backhand can be a huge weapon...or your biggest weakness.

While honing your technique with the Backhand | Technique course, don't forget to work through this course.

Here, you'll get a series of drills to make sure your new mechanics don't just look good, they translate to winning more points and more matches.

Series on one-handed backhand... the best I've ever seen

"Clay, Your series on one-handed backhand is by far the best I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty. What your instructions superior to others is you teach muscle movements and explain reasons for them. Such knowledge helps me to diagnose my own strokes when they get out of the form. Great job."

YouTube Commenter


Whether you’re looking to dominate opponents off the serve or just gain some consistency, this course will help you build pro-level mechanics.

You’ll improve your: Trophy Pose, Rhythm, Lag, Pronation, and more!

This course will ensure your improving mechanics translate to on-court success.

Master the drills in this course, and you may be shocked at how strong your game can be.

Pretty soon, your nickname will be "Ace!"

The serve series was the best... I have seen online

"The serve series was the best tennis instruction that I have seen online. I learned what was wrong with my serve especially with the pronation...Thanks very much Clay. You hit the nail!!!"

Zandro Orbita
YouTube Commenter


If you want to volley like the greats, you've got to have solid mechanics. 

You'll get them here in a step-by-step manner.

Soon, you'll start to look like Sampras, Federer, and other greats with the volley.

And your opponents won't like that look. :-)

You'll win more matches by mastering placement of your volley shots, and this course gives you the drills to do so.

When you're done with the lessons in the Volley | Athleticism course, you'll have a new weapon in your arsenal.

The best instructional tennis videos on the internet

"Thanks Clay, yours are the best instructional tennis videos on the internet. I do appreciate every single one of them."

Alberto Blasi
YouTube Commenter



Unlimited Q&A Access with Top Speed Tennis Instructors

I do my best to cover as much as I can in each video and course, but I'm sure I'll miss some stuff.

So, I make it super easy to ask questions and get feedback from a Top Speed Tennis instructor!

Simply go to the bottom of any lesson page, and you'll see the Q&A area. Ask away!​

Not only will you get the exact help that you need, you'll be giving me ideas for new content!​

Example Q&A from a Lesson

tennis questions and answers

Wow, you answered... the question I have had for a while

"Wow, you answered and explained the question I have had for a while now. Great explanation on a specific topic that isn't extremely common. THANKS!!"

Matthew Kenney
YouTube Commenter



Awesome Customer Support for You and Our Entire Online Family

We strongly believe that you take care of those who take care of you. And we know that...

...YOU are the reason we can make videos and create the site.

...YOU are the reason we can put food on the table and feel like we're making a positive impact in this world.

...YOU are going to treat our team and the rest of your community with respect and courtesy, just like a family​

So, we'll do all we can to take care of YOU and the whole family.

Our goal isn't to make a quick buck. Our goal is to help you and do right by you so you can improve your tennis game and thoroughly enjoy the time you spend on this site.


You'll almost always get a response within 24 hrs, usually much faster than that.


You're part of our online family, and we'll treat you like it!


There's a blue button to reach us at the bottom of nearly every page.


Founding Member Rate Forever!

With this Founding Member special offer, you'll be "grandfathered" at this rate forever.


Recognition and Friendly Competition

Research has uncovered some techniques to help students stick with training and get the most out of it:

  1. Make the learning process fun
  2. Recognize great work and progress​

​Plus, we all know that a little friendly competition can spur us on to be the best we can be.

So, we've built all this into the All Access Membership with two achievement systems...


Each time you complete a new level within any course, you'll earn a new Racket Color for that course, representing your progress.

It's just like belt colors in karate.

You get a white Racket after passing the first level and will eventually work up to a black Racket.​

Plus, you have overall Racket Colors based on your progress across all courses. This helps ensure you improve all aspects of your game.​


You'll earn Ladder Ranking Points for most anything you do on the site...

...asking questions and posting comments

...watching videos

...​earning new Racket Colors and more!

As you earn more and more points, you'll move up the ranks, from "Novice" to "String Breaker" and all the way up to "Master"!​

You make tennis much more amenable to improvement

"Hi Clay,You are an excellent instructor. What a pity you don't live in Thailand so I could take some lessons! Kind regards and keep up the great instructionals. You make tennis much more amenable to improvement which limits so many people's enjoyment and participation in this great sport. Well done."

Jeremet plaa jeremet
YouTube Commenter


365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee


We stand behind our products here at Top Speed Tennis. In fact, we believe in them so strongly we are willing to take all the risk and leave you with none whatsoever.

If you implement the instruction you receive and don’t improve your game -- or if you simply feel you've not gotten your money's worth -- just contact us within 365 days of your purchase date to request a refund.

We’ll refund 100% your money.

It’s as simple as that. You can relax and enjoy this membership completely risk-free, which lets you focus on your tennis game instead.

Join Now Because You'll Never See a Lower Price!

So, now you've got a small decision to make. Let's make it as simple as possible...

You're committed to improving your tennis game or you wouldn't be here, right?

You know you need to do something different if you want different (i.e., better) results, right?

You're not going to find this kind of unique, step-by-step instruction anywhere else for this crazy price (or any price), right?

And you know you get 100% of your money back -- for any reason at all -- because I really want you to be happy, no matter what, right?

Then the logical next step is simple and risk free. Just sign up as one of my Founding Members and finally take your game to the next level.

You're Not Alone on Your Journey; You'll Be Part of a Supportive Community...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to cancel?

It's super simple!

While I'll hate to see you leave, the last thing I want to do is keep you here if you don't want to be. You deserve better than that.

Also, I personally hate it when membership sites I use make it hard to cancel, so I made sure there's a simple process:​

  1. Go to Your Account Page.
  2. Click "Cancel" Next to Your Subscription. 
  3. Click "Cancel Membership" on the Next Page and Confirm It. 
  4. Done! Told you it was easy :-)

How's this different from what you've put on YouTube?

Best coach on YouTube... me thinks

YouTube Commenter

You've gotten a TON of free instruction from us on YouTube (and will continue to get more). That's our gift to you.

But 99% of the videos inside the TST System courses will be exclusive to this website. We won't release these anywhere else.

​That's partly because they take you step-by-step through the training, building on one another. It's simply impossible to do a proper course-based system like this on YouTube. 

And of course, it's also because paying members deserve to get stuff no one else does.​

So, with your All Access Membership, you're going to get videos you've never seen before (and will never see anywhere else), as well as a true, structured, systematic learning program to maximize your playing ability.​

YouTube's great -- but you need more than it can offer. The All Access Membership is where you'll get it!​


How is your instruction different from others I've tried?

  1. Expertise in Biomechanics. Other instructors are experts in tennis, not biomechanics. My background in sports biomechanics allows me to break down each stroke into bite-sized pieces for you to easily understand and blend together to create pro-level technique. I don't just tell you "why" and "what"; I can tell you exactly "how."
  2. Expertise in Motor Learning.The research is clear that you have to technique differently from athleticism. My program is the only place you'll find this unique learning environment.
  3. True Step-by-Step System. I refuse to throw videos at you in some random order. Here, you won't have to figure out what videos to watch when. I've laid the entire program out in a sequential manner, taking all the guesswork out of it. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the online learning...and then bust your rear end on the court :-)

The biomechanics basis... makes learning super easy

"Clay, I really like the biomechanics basis for the coaching you do. I have watched the golf and the tennis videos, and it makes learning super easy."

Martin Mascarenhas
YouTube Commenter

You... see the flaws in the run-of-the-mill advice

"Another awesome video, Clay! I really appreciate your independence of mind--you are able to see the flaws in the run-of-the-mill advice that many of us have received. Keep up the good work!"

Alan Zeitlan
YouTube Commenter

I had 2 former ATP coaches... not much progress

"Love your posts. Finally, you discuss stuff many of us never knew. And I had 2 former ATP coaches (even though my level is average), hoping they could help me, but not much progress was made. With your vids and explanations am learning much more. Keep up the good work."

Henri Mogaroo
YouTube Commenter


How often and on what devices can I watch your videos?

As long as you have an active All Access Membership, you can watch the videos as much as you like.

They're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to view an unlimited number of times.

Even better: they're compatible with all the most popular devices.

So you can watch these videos anywhere you've got an internet connection...

  • Sitting in an airport
  • Riding in a car
  • Waiting at the doctor's office
  • Taking the train to work
  • During yet another boring staff meeting (do this at your own risk!)


Can I share this offer with others?

Only people you really, really like :-)

Seriously, though, yes, please tell your playing partners, friends, family, co-workers, etc.

You can play "hero" by sharing this rare opportunity with them.

In fact, after you check out, we'll give you a chance to buy a gift membership. (Talk about giving someone something of tremendous value without breaking the bank!)

Best... instruction online... I'll help spread your channel

"Best tennis instruction/analysis videos online. Your work won't be in vain...I'll help spread your channel to different tennis forums online. Keep up the hard work buddy"

Rass Whole
YouTube Commenter


How does the money-back guarantee work?

It's pretty simple, really.

If you implement the instruction you receive and don’t improve your game -- or if you simply feel you've not gotten your money's worth -- just contact us within 365 days of your purchase date to request a refund.

We’ll refund 100% your money.

It’s as simple as that. You can relax and enjoy this membership completely risk-free, which lets you focus on your tennis game instead.

Still Not Sure? Here's What I Recommend...

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It's really as simple as that.

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(There are so many, I ran out of time to format them. Ha!)

I look forward to each new video

"I watch a lot of tennis instructional videos and find yours comprehensive and understandable, particularly how you relate bio-mechanics to function. Keep up the good work; I look forward to each new video."

Michael B.

Others should emulate your style. More power to you!

"You're the best tennis instructor online I've come across -- straightforward, clear, and concise (doesn't waste learner's time). Furthermore, your approach has science and comes closest to what the best players like Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic do. Others should emulate your style. More power to you!"

Florante C.

Just beat a guy...using your...straight arm forehand

"Love your instructions. Best on the "net"!....Just beat a guy, who normally wins, using your techniques on the serve and straight arm forehand...I like the way you explain things both from a scientific point of view and then break it down in a way that is easy to understand,. Ex. 'throwing a hatchet at the ball". cheers!"

Ed Carlson
YouTube Commenter

Your...lessons allow a player to reach their potential

"Very good instructional series. My forehand had really gone south as I was caught up in trying to get more topspin. Now I have great topspin coupled with better control. I no longer worry about low or high balls as the instructional really allows the swing path to address both. The power of my forehand has also improved to the point that I am able to land heavy shots deep into the court preventing m hitting partner or opponent from returning with an aggressive response. Thanks for the instructional!"

"Thanks Clay! Great to see such enthusiasm for the sport. I believe you present a no nonsense approach to the average player, beginner or club player. This is very important as we would like to emulate the pros but have to accept our true potential. I believe your instructional lessons allow a player to reach their potential. So, thanks again!"

"The forehand series has also helped with the return of service. I'm watching Federer play Ferrer and his forehand minus the full take back is the same. I tried this myself a few days ago and it made quite a significant difference in my game. So, thanks again. Keep up with all the good advice. Additionally, I saw your initial video where you talk about golf instructionals. If they are online I plan on checking them out as well."

Charlie F.

Won my match today with amazing ease.

"I enjoyed your forehand series very much, and have practiced reps on a wider forehand backswing, and the stretch shortening drills to develop more speed, power, and spin. I thought I might have a period of wild or inconsistent shots for a while, but played this morning and hit my forehand just great. I had more power, depth, and control than in the past, and won my match today with amazing ease."

"After experiencing the success following your forehand recommendations, I’m excited about experiencing more of your great training! I will, of course, continue to do the forehand reps to permanently ingrain your forehand power moves in my game."

Larry K.

Words are not enough how thankful I am

"This is Bong from San Leandro, Ca. Words are not enough how thankful I am for your lessons. I'm in my late 40's and started learning tennis just a month ago. I've been watching a lot of online tutorials but I found yours to be the most detailed and really gave a lot of improvement to my game. I'm looking forward for more video lessons from you. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors!"

Bong F.

There's always something new to learn

"I really love all the videos you have available....lots of helpful tips!. I've played tennis all my life and what I find interesting is that is seems that there's always something new to learn."

Matt M.

You helped me fix my one handed backhand issue

"Thanks, Clay. BTW I've watched a lot of tennis videos online, and I must say yours are one of the best I've seen. You helped me fix my one handed backhand issue I was having because I didn't know the proper swing path and no one could explain it to me. I'm now getting as much topspin as I get on my forehand. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your training series."


Hi bud, thanks for making such great videos. Finally, someone who knows how to make proper videos with no background noise.

Joe Lakowski
Tennis Coach in Northern Virginia

Hello Clay, I have won a tournament yesterday of + 35 y.o. Your advise about the elbow during serve was very helpful and the U shape also.

jean huz
YouTube Commenter

Your other tips in forehand, backhand and serving have made great improvements in my game.

Karl Spring
YouTube Commenter

Impressive technical analyses. I wish more tennis clips were of this calibre. Great stuff

Jamie Davenport
YouTube Commenter

I've never learnt any great tips on youtube until I saw your videos, thanks a lot!!

Faisal AlThani
YouTube Commenter

The only tennis coach you'll ever need! Fantastic tutorials!

YouTube Commenter

Clay, this serve tip really spoke to me. I watched it yesterday, and I played a doubles game today. I was not only serving harder, but my consistency went up considerably. I must have reduced my double faults by 70%. The hammer analogies are hitting home for me. Keep up the good work!

Patricio Mora
YouTube Commenter

Very nice. I have not seen a better explanation of stances.

Hiren Shah
YouTube Commenter

Tried and tested it ["How to Hit a Tennis Slice Backhand"].....and it's a great improvement. Thanks Clay.

YouTube Commenter

Ottimo, complimenti!!

Castelluzzo Antonio
YouTube Commenter

Thanks for the upload; interesting and informative as always. :)

YouTube Commenter

Hey Clay. Keep them coming. Your videos are fantastic; well presented, well spoken, well produced. You are doing great. Some of the concepts you have presented are pretty unique to youtube; such as "the lag" on the forehand. Plenty of others have presented "the butt cap towards the ball" on the forehand. But your presentation of it is unique.

YouTube Commenter

That's great, Clay, you've just clarified something that I could never figure out myself. Great job yet again!

YouTube Commenter

Concise and easy instructions from theory to practice.

Bert Leong
YouTube Commenter

Clay, I just started following you and your tips are right on the money. Thanks for helping us all tennis nuts improve our game...

Patricio Mora
YouTube Commenter

Excellent! I've got the key skills when I watched your videos. Thank you so much, Clay Ballard!

Hung Tran Quang
YouTube Commenter

Parametric acceleration! Gotta hand it to you, Clay, no one goes into as much detail on tennis as you. Keep them coming, these are all the things I've always wanted to know but no one explains them very well except now!

YouTube Commenter

You are very good with explaining the full motions of a kick serve. Thanks for the videos.

YouTube Commenter

this is the best video ["Roger Federer | How to SMOOTH Your Forehand"] i have ever seen

YouTube Commenter

You have already done so much by posting this video. Now I can enjoy my game completely and hit the courts with more fun. All the best!

Bosko Vuksic
YouTube Commenter

I like Clay's no nonsense tennis videos. I hate tennis coaches who think beginners are to stupid to copy the pros.

YouTube Commenter

Hello Clay, I have seen all your videos and they are great.

jean huz
YouTube Commenter

Clay, Great explanation on the nuance of lag and snap forehand. Especially like your first- and second-stage rocket analogy. Makes it easy to digest.

YouTube Commenter

Excellent analysis, Clay. I look forward to all of your videos. You have got to be the Yoda of tennis instructions. Hmmm, rip them you will!

YouTube Commenter

You are making a great contribution in these series. I really appreciate it.

DK Ang
YouTube Commenter

Very good demonstration best I have seen on you tube well done A+ ....

YouTube Commenter

Thank You, it ["Topspin Forehand Series Video 3 | Straight Arm Leverage"] is The best explanation I have ever heard.

Степан Каленський
YouTube Commenter

You are the man, Clay! I would watch better players on the court do that lag-and-snap move to produce a super racquet head speed but I could never figure what they were doing until now when you explained it so well. Great video, Great coaching!

YouTube Commenter

Unfortunately, there aren't many coaches (other than those assigned to pros) that understand tennis the way you do. I know none of my coaches did.

YouTube Commenter

Great videos. Thank you.

Maria Montes
YouTube Commenter

Great coach and great videos, thanks for sharing.

YouTube Commenter

I love your videos!

YouTube Commenter

Very detailed and most precise dissertation of modern forehand.

Fiorenzo Marin
YouTube Commenter

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